25th October 2013

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Ready… Set…. Shuffle!  err… Groan!    uhh….  Rot!

Ready… Set…. Shuffle!  err… Groan!    uhh….  Rot!

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22nd October 2013

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It’s Aliiiiiive!!! - 2013 QRP Zombie Shuffle


Hot off the press - from Paul, NA5N, and Jan NØQT:

Countdown to the 16th Annual Zombie Shuffle - A unique on-the-air
event exclusively for QRP Zombies

The whole world seems to be getting full of zombies. But - we’re the
originals!!! QRP Zombies since 1998.

WHY ZOMBIE SHUFFLE?: Because Zombies don’t sprint.

THE ZOMBIE SHUFFLE is an annual event for QRPers to get on the air, have some fun, and rack up a really big score in spite of what your CW or operating skills may be. It is normally held on the Friday before
Halloween to avoid the CW SS contest. It is administered strictly
through the QRP-L mailing list.

Date: Friday, October 25, 2013, from sundown (Suggestion - 6 p.m. Local time) to Midnight.

Rules? (or, in case of Zombies - Suggestions?) Dig here:


If you don’t have a Zombie number, email Jan  n0qt@arrl.net  to request one. If you’ve been issued a Zombie Number, it is good for life, or death, whichever comes first.

ELVIS STATIONS: If you have served as an Elvis station in the past 3  years, or served as a Mayan King last year, you are an Elvis station this year!!!

CQ BOO is the time tested CQ for the Zombie Shuffle.

REBIRTH RULE: You may work the same station on a band every two hours so you don’t get bored.

CODE SPEED: This is not a 35wpm event.  It’s a fun event regardless of your code speed nor how rusty you may be.  We want to work you as bad as you want to work us.
CONTEST PHILOSOPHY: There is no point to the Zombie Shuffle whatsoever except to get on the air and have fun with fellow Zombies and QRPers.  Even with only 2-3 QSOs, you can earn a fairly large score to brag to your co-workers and QRO buddies.  If you haven’t been on the air for awhile, or you are a new CW ham, your fist is “rusty,” or your code speed is slow, this is the “contest” to put a few contacts in the log.  Note that the scoring is based on SERENDIPITY rather than operating skill.

So, crank down that “full gallon” a bit, crank down your CW Speed, and
join the fun!

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19th December 2012

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This is the end…My only friend, The End

Your Final Instructions from Prepper Paul, NA5N:

Zombies and Maya Kings,

Gosh.  Where has the time gone?  Seems it was just summer, then
Thanksgiving, Christmas next week … oh yeah, and the end of the world
thing this Friday.  Hate it when doomsday sneaks up on you like that! :-)

So a reminder that our special 2012 “End of the World” Zombie Shuffle will
be THIS FRIDAY, famous December 21, from local sundown (considered 5pm
local) to midnight.  Just as the Maya calendar runs out of rock.  Early
enough to get a little 20M in there before resorting to 40M.  Solar flux is
115-120, quiet geomagnetic field, and no big competing contests which should
provide fairly decent evening bands.

Rules and other ramblings at:

NEW TO QRP OR CONTESTING?  This is for you.  A contest that serves no
purpose whatsoever except get on the air and have fun no matter what your
code speed or how rusty your fist may be.  We all know Zombies can’t crack
out 35 wpm in those old blood soaked rags, right?  Scoring is based more on
serendipity (recording those Zombie numbers) than operating skill.  Over the
years, we’ve had quite a few new QRPers who accomplished their first real CW
QSOs during the Zombie Shuffle.  That’s what it’s all about … to give
everyone a chance to get on the air and pound some brass.

ZOMBIE NUMBERS can be obtained from Jan <n0qt@arrl.net> if you don’t have
one.  Zombie numbers are good for life.  Or, send your 3-digit telephone
area code if you wish.  We’re pretty close to hitting 1,000 Zombie numbers
assigned (like 35-40 to go).

ZOMBIE BADGE: It was reported by several that the Zombie badge link wasn’t
working on the above Zombie page.  I have repaired the link for those who
wish to print out their own Zombie/Area 51 badge.

MAYA KINGS: We have 13 Maya Kings willing to serve you this year fairly
evenly scattered across the empire.  Plenty of chances to work some bonus

For their name, they will be sending MAYA KING, MAYA, KING, or even KING JOE
or KING RON (or whatever their name is) as they decide.  We even have a
special KING ELVIS.  Each Maya King worked is worth an additional 666

I’m sure between sending CQ BOO and KING ELVIS, we’ll drive the QRO folks
nuts trying to figure this thing out!

Whether you get on for 2-3 QSOs, or work several hours, you’ll have fun.
And, thanks for participating.  After all, the end of the world only comes
along every so often.  I think the last one was Y2K.

I was listening to Coast to Coast AM radio show this weekend, and one
doomsday believer claimed that “every major observatory is tracking the
collision course of planet Nibiru with Earth on Dec. 21 - and all
observatory employees have been sworn to secrecy.”  At the VLA (merely the
world’s largest radio telescope), I must have missed that inter-office
email!  With the internet, Twitter, and Facebook, how on Earth could you
keep something like that secret these days?

However, I do feel there’s a chance of a minor earthquake or a volcano might
blow its top.  Not because the Mayan Calendar says so … but just to prove
God has a sense of humor.  He can’t wait to drive those doomsdayers nuts!

72, Paul NA5N

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4th December 2012


It's Aliiiive!...Well, kinda... (2012 Zombie Shuffle) →


It’s official - the 2012 Zombie Shuffle will coincide with the end of the world (Friday night, 12/21/12). Rise up undead!

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4th December 2012

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

With this year’s QRP Zombie Shuffle falling just before Xmas, I thought this would be appropriate. Sure, you can find it on Amazon, but it would be in the giving spirit to order it here and support this important museum.

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12th November 2012


It’s The End of the World As We Know It (Zombie Shuffle)

The tentative QRP Zombie Shuffle date of 11/9 came and went, but fear not…  or fear lots!  The Zombie Shuffle has been rescheduled for a very appropriate date - Friday, December 21st - the end of the Mayan Calendar.  Plenty of time to prepare!


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5th November 2012


Zombies Rolling Over….

According to an email I received from Jan N0QT, The 2012 Zombie
Shuffle is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Nov. 9.  I imagine
they’ll update the site some time this week.

72 & Boo!
Zombie #917

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