5th December 2012


Standalone WSPR XMTR Kit →


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3rd May 2012

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Hendricks QRP’s Wave of New Kits

I try not to duplicate what other QRP bloggers are posting.  Sometimes it’s not easy with current news.  I had this in the queue for this morning, but  I see ‘QRP brother’ Larry W2LJ posted it last night.  :-)  I think it’s worth posting anyway, just in case someone missed it.  Some great new offerings from QRPKits.com

From Doug Hendricks KI6DS:

"Hendricks QRP kits will be at Dayton again this year, and we will be in a
new location.  Our booth numbers are 459 and 460, located right across from
the ARRL in the Ball Arena.  And we have 9 new products, yes, you read it
right, 9.  Here they are:

1. The Weber Tribander designed by Steve Weber, KD1JV.  This is a 3 band CW
Transceiver and you get to pick your bands from the following: 15, 17, 20,
30, 40 and 80 Meters.  Digital display, Custom Case, DDS Vfo, and Encoder
Tuning.  If you have wanted a PFR on other bands or with rotary encoder
tuning, this is the radio for you.  Price: $200.

2. The Tuthill 160 designed by Dan Tayloe.  Finally, a cw transceiver kit
for 160M.  We have expanded the popular Tuthill series to now include 160M
with a full 5 Watts of output.  Basic Kit is $100 (show special), optional
Digital Display, $35.  Now is the time to get this kit so you will be ready
for 160 in the fall.

3. SMK-2.  The popular surface mount 40M CW transceiver designed by Dave
Fifield is back.  And it is improved!  The SMK-2 comes with 2 Frequencies,
and is complete with case and connectors.  Plus there is an optional
Crystal Board available for switchable frequencies.  The Transceiver is
$40, Optional Crystal Board is $10.  Frequencies are 7.030, 7.040 and

4. 41dB Step Attenuator.  We have kitted the popular design that has been
in the ARRL handbook for years.  Ken Locasale designed a great looking
case, and everything is included.  Great for working low power and for
transmitter hunts.  $50.

5. Rock Hunter Chassis for the DCxxB series.  We now have a case,
connectors and an addon board to give 2 additional frequencies for the
DCxxB series of transceivers.  We have had many, many requests for a case
for the DCxx series of transceivers, and now we have it.  $20 for the case,
connectors, controls and addon frequency board.

6. Red Hot 40 Transceiver.  We will have a special price on the Red Hot 40,
the high performance 40 Meter CW Transceiver designed by Dave Fifield.
The show special is $200, which is $50 off the regular price.

7. Repackaged Tayloe SWR Meter.  Ken has come up with a great little
chassis for the SWR Meter designed by Dan Tayloe, N7VE.  $25.

8. Sota Tuner.  This has been one of our best sellers since we introduced
it in September.  The Sota is an End Fed Half Wave Tuner with a metal case,
stainless steel hardware, and only weighs 2.5 ounces, and the price is $30.

9. Two Fer Transmitter.  The Twofer is a great little transmitter.
Available on 40 or 30 or 20 Meters.  Show special at $30.

We will also have show specials on the Tenna Dipper, with a price of $70,
MMR40 at $175, NADC40 basic kit w/out digital display, $100, Ft. Tuthill
15, basic kit no display, $100.

Stop by the booth and say hello to Steve Weber, KD1JV who will be in the
booth on Friday and Saturday, plus Dean Davis, Darrel Swenson, Ken and
Karen Locasale.”

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1st May 2012


Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter Kit

The Four States QRP Group has released a new CW filter kit, called the Hi-Per-Mite.  It looks to be a great value at $19 ppd!

(Click photo for link)

Specifications and Design Features
Bandwidth:  200 cycles at the -3 DB bandwith points.
Center Frequency:  The center frequency in the passband is 700 HZ
Signal Gain:  0 dB to 50 dB, user selectable
No Ringing or Buzz:  Nice, smooth audio - care has been taken in the design to eliminate ringing.
Versatile:  Drives speaker, earbuds, or headphones. Use standalone or install inside rig.
Audio Power:  500 mW into 8 ohms, from 9v supply
DC Power:  5 to 13 VDC at less than 15 mA
NO SMT Parts:  All through hole parts..
NO Toroids:  There are no toroids to wind, special circuits simulate them.
PCB:  High Quality, silk screened, two sided 2.2”x1.5” printed circuit board.

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27th April 2012


QRP-O-Meter Now Available

"Four State is pleased to announce the release of the second run of our
very popular QRPometer. We are now taking orders via the kit’s web
page http://www.wa0itp.com/qrpom.html

Please note that at no extra cost, two RCA to BNC adapters are now
included in the kit to facilitate connections for those builders using
cables with BNC connectors.

Thank you for your patience and also for supporting Four State”


I love this radio stuff !
72, 73 Terry, WAØITP

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7th April 2012

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Weber Tribander Transceiver Look-See

The new Steve Weber design that was highlighted in this post is now viewable on qrpkits.com  here.

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6th April 2012

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Hendricks Surface Mount XCVR

While many will shy away from SMT assembly kits, I love it.  This is the SMK-2 40m Transceiver from Doug Hendricks at www.qrpkits.com

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12th December 2011

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N3ZI Digital Dial Kit Project

I completed assembly of the N3ZI digital dial to use for frequency readout on my Swan 350 and/or Heathkit HW-8.  A breeze to build and set up.  I just have to find a suitable enclosure for it and decide which radio to connect it to.  For more info on this project, check out Dave Richards’ (AA7EE) fine blog, where he talks in detail about his experience building this kit.  I chose a blue backlit LCD with white lettering for mine. 

You can purchase your own Digital Dial Kit here.

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