3rd May 2012

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Practical Antenna Handbook -vol4 →

Came across this great free book in pdf format.  This is the 4th edition (5th is the most recent), but certainly worth downloading. Link above.

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30th April 2012

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WA6QBU's DCTL Antenna →

The Distributed Capacitance Twisted Loop Antenna (see link above for construction details)

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28th April 2012


Paper Clip Antenna →

Heh.  Check out the video link.

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2nd April 2012

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PAR EndFedz 10M/20M/40M Multiband Antenna (by johnrob281)

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Source: youtube.com

31st March 2012

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Buddistick extension mast (by arniepodo)

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Source: youtube.com

24th March 2012

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Field-Deployable Antennas →

WD8RIF’s thoughts/info on field antennas.

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16th March 2012

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HFpack (Horizontal) Pedestrian Antenna Shootout →

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13th March 2012


Stealth Antennas (book)


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9th March 2012


MINIBAC - Minimalist Antenna Backpack System (KQ6XA) →

KQ6XA Antennas by Bonnie Crystal (click link above to read about the different configurations)

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9th March 2012

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10m Slim Jim Antenna - G0KYA →

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2nd March 2012


HF Antennas for All Locations - Les Moxon →

Newest addition to the KQ2RP bookshelf.

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