30th September 2014

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W5ALT’s Indoor 6-40m Vertical

W5ALT’s Indoor Vertical Antenna


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25th September 2014

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Gaining on 12m & 30m.  #QRP #DXCC

Gaining on 12m & 30m.  #QRP #DXCC

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23rd September 2014

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WSPR on the High Seas

According to Ultimate Beacon kit creator Hans G0UPL, KB2PNM Bob has his GPS-equipped Ultimate 3 aboard a sailboat traveling from Vava’u to Fiji.  The latest Ultimate 3 firmware has 6 character locator ability, so you can see locator change in his WSPR spots.

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5th August 2014


Android Beacon

It looks like Andrea IU4APC has been busy! Just noticed this QRSS Beacon App in her Android portfolio!


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16th July 2014

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Yesterday’s /m WSPR beacon results. Ultimate 2 beacon @ 100mW, GPS module for time/locator, Elecraft T1 tuner, Larsen 5/8 2m.

Yesterday’s /m WSPR beacon results. Ultimate 2 beacon @ 100mW, GPS module for time/locator, Elecraft T1 tuner, Larsen 5/8 2m.

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15th July 2014

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Git Yer Numbaz!

W2LJ Larry shared that the annual Flight of the Bumble Bees and Skeeter Hunt QRP events are fast approaching. You register ahead of time to get a number assigned.  Click here for all the details. Bzzzz!

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14th July 2014

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First mobile WSPR beacon report! Ultimate 2 w/T1 tuner helping out the 5/8wave Larsen 2m. Nearly 6000km - not bad!
                   Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2014-07-14 23:42 KQ2RP 14.097197 -28 0 FN20 0.1 ON7KO JO21ce 5949 50

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20th March 2014

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Yuri Gagarin SE Stations


Plenty of variants throughout former Soviet Union block:

UP80KEDRUP80KEDR UP1KEDRUP1KEDR UP0KEDRUP0KEDR RU80KEDRSpecial call on the 80 anniversary of Yuri Gagarin ,Chief operator - Oleg Chernozemov Saratov RU RC80KEDR9 Mar - 14 Apr 2014 Special Event call sign Obninsk UP2KEDRUP2KEDR UP4KEDRUP4KEDR RA80KEDRAndrey Bondarenko Korolyov MO RT80KEDRClub Station Cosmonaut`s Training Center Star City, Moskovskaya oblast 141160 UP5KEDRUP5KEDR RV80KEDRThe Parachute Training Center in Kirzhach commemorated to Yuri Gagarin 80th birthday Vladimir YR80KEDRLAUR NEACSU BACAU UP6KEDRUP6KEDR UP3KEDRUP3KEDR UP7KEDRUP7KEDR RK80KEDRSiberian Aerospace Academy CSDX-Club station RW0A Krasnoyarsk RG80KEDRIgor Gagarin Smolensk Oblast ER80KEDRClub station ARM ER1KAA KISHINEV RS80KEDRRS3A 09.03 - 14.04.2014 80 years since the birth of Yury Gagarin Moscow RO80KEDRYuri Gagarin, 80th Anniversary SES Arkhangelsk Region

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12th February 2014

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ON6ZQ: SOTA Related Software

Christophe ON6ZQ keeps a nice link page of Summits On The Air related software/apps.

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30th October 2013


Ultimate 3 QRSS Beacon Sheds New Light →


Hans Summers’ Ultimate 2 QRSS Kit (which I’ve maintained is the most fun you can have legally in ham radio for $25 + shipping) has received a much-desired upgrade.

The upcoming Ultimate 3 will sport a cool new blue backlit LCD! This will make things much easier on my aging eyes in the dark, dank, spiderwebbed corner of the basement that is my shack.

For those not familiar, check out the page and read through the operating manual to see what can be done (WSPR, FSKCW, CW, Hell, etc.) with this little gem of a kit. I can’t stress enough how much of a no-brainer purchase this is at this price. The build is quite easy and the fun you’ll have far, far surpasses the cost. Just don’t buy them all before I get mine.

I have the first two generations of Ultimate QRSS Kit and this will be my third. The first (single band 30m) is out making the rounds amongst local hams, and the second has gotten much use in my shack, its 100mW WSPRs heard as much as 15000 km away down under.

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23rd October 2013

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10 on 10 - a ten minute grab of ten meter WSPR spots.  Loaded.

10 on 10 - a ten minute grab of ten meter WSPR spots.  Loaded.

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22nd October 2013

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It’s Aliiiiiive!!! - 2013 QRP Zombie Shuffle


Hot off the press - from Paul, NA5N, and Jan NØQT:

Countdown to the 16th Annual Zombie Shuffle - A unique on-the-air
event exclusively for QRP Zombies

The whole world seems to be getting full of zombies. But - we’re the
originals!!! QRP Zombies since 1998.

WHY ZOMBIE SHUFFLE?: Because Zombies don’t sprint.

THE ZOMBIE SHUFFLE is an annual event for QRPers to get on the air, have some fun, and rack up a really big score in spite of what your CW or operating skills may be. It is normally held on the Friday before
Halloween to avoid the CW SS contest. It is administered strictly
through the QRP-L mailing list.

Date: Friday, October 25, 2013, from sundown (Suggestion - 6 p.m. Local time) to Midnight.

Rules? (or, in case of Zombies - Suggestions?) Dig here:


If you don’t have a Zombie number, email Jan  n0qt@arrl.net  to request one. If you’ve been issued a Zombie Number, it is good for life, or death, whichever comes first.

ELVIS STATIONS: If you have served as an Elvis station in the past 3  years, or served as a Mayan King last year, you are an Elvis station this year!!!

CQ BOO is the time tested CQ for the Zombie Shuffle.

REBIRTH RULE: You may work the same station on a band every two hours so you don’t get bored.

CODE SPEED: This is not a 35wpm event.  It’s a fun event regardless of your code speed nor how rusty you may be.  We want to work you as bad as you want to work us.
CONTEST PHILOSOPHY: There is no point to the Zombie Shuffle whatsoever except to get on the air and have fun with fellow Zombies and QRPers.  Even with only 2-3 QSOs, you can earn a fairly large score to brag to your co-workers and QRO buddies.  If you haven’t been on the air for awhile, or you are a new CW ham, your fist is “rusty,” or your code speed is slow, this is the “contest” to put a few contacts in the log.  Note that the scoring is based on SERENDIPITY rather than operating skill.

So, crank down that “full gallon” a bit, crank down your CW Speed, and
join the fun!

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