1st February 2013

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Old sCWool — Back in the day (the day being late 1970’s) Tune in the World with Ham Radio was my intro Amateur book. It came with a cassette that taught Morse Code.

In trying to help a friend who is struggling to learn CW, I suggested he avoid any gimmicks, shortcuts, visualizations, etc. and do it ‘old school’, like I did. It was complete memorization and repetition back then. We had no apps, programs or associations. Just ears, a pad, a pencil and audio (a combination of radio - W1AW code practice or listening in on QSOs - and tapes). 

In learning the code as a teen, being relegated to the novice sub-bands using CW only and working my way up in speed to 25+wpm, I honestly believe this was and probably still is the best way to learn code. I back up this assertion with the fact that I took a 25 year hiatus from amateur radio starting in the mid 1980’s, until 2011. Upon deciding I wanted to return to operating, it took only a matter of a couple of months before I was back up to speed…. and then some. Like riding a bike.

So, for anyone who may be struggling - consider doing it ‘old school’.  Here is a link to the original audio from the cassette - with intro from Jean Shepherd. It may be just what you need to get over the hump.

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