1st January 2013

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Raw Ham - 2013 Goal List


OK, I liked how creating a ham radio goal list for 2012 kept me focused during the year, so we’ll do it again.  Here’s what’s going into the 2013 oven:

  • Complete 10-20m Top Loaded Vertical (before the cycle fades)
  • Experiment with weak signal modes WSPR, QRSS etc.
  • Operate more digital modes (kinda goes hand in hand with above)
  • Build QRP-O-Meter (Xmas gift!)
  • Get my main HF antenna - G0FAH multiband dipole - back up where it should be (Thanks a lot Sandy!)
  • Build portable 6m Moxon
  • Set up shack computer (properly) with rig interface(s), live digi-logging, clusters,  etc.
  • Commit to on ONE logging program.
  • Play around with some SDR ( Chinese dongle & Softrock) and software
  • Do more SOTA activations & chases
  • Continued portable ops.
  • Build a HF Mag Loop
  • More kits/more homebrewing
  • Fix my QRO rigs (Swan 350 suddenly squealing)
  • Help local CW newbies with live QSO practice (NVIS antenna? internet?…)

Some more lofty goals -

  • Work other satellites and modes (CW, SSB) - equipment may be stumbling block
  • Improved antennas for below 40m - (K9AY? 80m dipole? Beverage?…)
  • HF in the mobile (just in the back of my mind right now)
  • Clean up the shack (yeah, right)
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