31st December 2012

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2012 Year In Review


Back at the beginning of the year, I reluctantly posted a ‘To Do List’ for 2012.  I say reluctantly because I don’t particularly care for ‘New Years Resolutions’. Looking back now, I’m starting to change my view on this - perhaps not on New Years Resolutions per se, but on creating a goal list for the upcoming year (at least in regard to amateur radio).  With so many facets to the hobby (coupled with my return from 25 year radio silence) it’s easy to Ham ADD and go in too many directions at once.  With a ‘list’, it’s much easier to keep focused during the year and check progress once in a while. 

So, here’s how I fared for 2012’s goals.  I’m reasonably pleased with what I accomplished during the year.

  • Ditch the paper log for a digital one  Yup
  • More portable/outdoor operation  Easily surpassed last year’s efforts, including operating with a variety of portable antennas from the ‘North Woods’ (Maine).
  • Organize my (corner of the basement) shack  Best Laid Plans… Really, how could I accomplish this with all the operating to be done??
  • Get comfortable with & operate more digital modes  A Work In Progress. OK with PSK31, but have to work on others.
  • Build & experiment with more antenna designs  Could have done better, but really happy about my completed portable dual Yagi Sat antenna & diplexer and completed  2m & 440 Moxons. The top-loaded 10-20m vertical is about 50% done,  and I have the parts for the 6m moxon but haven’t started assembly yet.
  • First SOTA activation  Activated one of the few unactivated peaks in NJ
  • First Satellite Contact  Yes! Surprisingly easy. Tnx K4FEG!
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