30th March 2014

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My New Homemade Side Swiper KEY from Printed Circuit Board. The feature is as follows;

1) Two of levers made from PCB about 130mm.
2) ONLY One Contact between the Two Levers.
3) Original is made by JA1OIV, the member of JA-A1 Club.

29th March 2014

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microphones on FT-817: MH-31 vs ASTATIC D104M6B

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21st March 2014

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NUØD’s X1M PSK31 Project


20th March 2014

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Yuri Gagarin SE Stations


Plenty of variants throughout former Soviet Union block:

UP80KEDRUP80KEDR UP1KEDRUP1KEDR UP0KEDRUP0KEDR RU80KEDRSpecial call on the 80 anniversary of Yuri Gagarin ,Chief operator - Oleg Chernozemov Saratov RU RC80KEDR9 Mar - 14 Apr 2014 Special Event call sign Obninsk UP2KEDRUP2KEDR UP4KEDRUP4KEDR RA80KEDRAndrey Bondarenko Korolyov MO RT80KEDRClub Station Cosmonaut`s Training Center Star City, Moskovskaya oblast 141160 UP5KEDRUP5KEDR RV80KEDRThe Parachute Training Center in Kirzhach commemorated to Yuri Gagarin 80th birthday Vladimir YR80KEDRLAUR NEACSU BACAU UP6KEDRUP6KEDR UP3KEDRUP3KEDR UP7KEDRUP7KEDR RK80KEDRSiberian Aerospace Academy CSDX-Club station RW0A Krasnoyarsk RG80KEDRIgor Gagarin Smolensk Oblast ER80KEDRClub station ARM ER1KAA KISHINEV RS80KEDRRS3A 09.03 - 14.04.2014 80 years since the birth of Yury Gagarin Moscow RO80KEDRYuri Gagarin, 80th Anniversary SES Arkhangelsk Region

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17th March 2014

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17m in the books. Now to focus on 30 & 12m….

17m in the books. Now to focus on 30 & 12m….

16th March 2014


Run For The Bacon Tonight!


Flying Pigs QRP Club

Run For The Bacon QRP CW Sprint. 

East coast - 9:00 to 11:00 PM local time
Midwest - 8:00 to 10:00 PM local time
Rockies - 7:00 to 9:00 PM local time
West coast - 6:00 to 8:00 PM local time

Rules can be found here:

72 & OO,



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12th March 2014


Lituanicasat-1 Beacon →

11th March 2014

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Dennis Blanchard, K1YPP, shares a few outtakes from his book 300 Zeroes. If you’re a ham, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, I highly recommend it!

10th March 2014

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Think I found my QRP (DX) goal for the rest of this year….

Think I found my QRP (DX) goal for the rest of this year….

10th March 2014


EsSense (Free Beta) - Android Apps on Google Play →

7th March 2014

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KX3 Companion Android App

In my inbox this morning —

"Dear Fellow KX3 Enthusiasts,
On behalf of my Friend Andrea Salvatore IU4APC, I would like to introduce you to the KX3Companion. 
Andrea is the italian owner of an Elecraft KX3. As a software developer Andrea has decided to use his skills to develop a Powerful and Exciting Android app. This brand new application will allow your cellphone or tablet to be used in conjunction with the KX3, taking the KX3’s field usability to the next level.
The name of the app is “KX3Companion”, which is now available at Google Play store.
Here is what Andrea Has to say about the KX3Companion.
"The KX3 Companion is an app that will let you take full advantage of the power and functionality of your Elecraft KX3 HF radio, making its use easier  use and lighter to carry, as there is No need for a PC!
It will let you send and receive CW, PSK31 and RTTY by using your mobile phone or tablet keyboard. Optionally you can use an external Bluetooth keyboard connected to your Android device.
You can set up to 10 macros that are used as dynamic symbols for the Call, Name, QTH and Locator which is automatically updated.
Connection to your KX3 is accomplished through using the USB Serial cable that comes with the KX3 radio. 
You’ll also need an inexpensive OTG Cable adapter to connect the serial USB to your mobile device. No other cables are needed!
The KX3 Companion app also lets you record full QSOs and log them, allowing you to export them to your favourite QSO logging software and/or service.
With KX3 Companion you can:
  • Send and receive CW, PSK31 and RTTY using your Android device keyboard
  • Read and Write messages with space for hundreds of characters (depending on your mobile phone or tablet screen size)
  • Switch mode (CW, PSK31, RTTY)
  • Set the frequency and go up/down bands
  •  Record and recall up to 10 totally customized macros
  • 4 dynamic symbols for Call, Name, QTH and Locator to be used on macros (you can customize the symbols)
  • Set the CW WPM (Words Per Minute) value with a slider
  • Have up to 10 presets to set power, ATU or whatever you want to program
  • Customize the serial baud rate, dynamic symbols and date formats to adapt the app to your setup and needs
  •  Record full QSO logs (everything you send and receive is recorded and saved in a text file)
  • Log your QSO in CSV format and send them via email or to any external service supported by your mobile device (log date, time, mode, frequency, call, name, QTH and locator)
And that is just a start. I’m planning more features like ADIF and eQSL.cc support.
For further information, you will find the MANUAL at http://kx3companion.com/manual/ here you will discover the full potential of the KX3Companion
I invite you check out the KX3Companion now, by visiting: http://kx3companion.com/
If you have any ideas or suggestions for features you’d like to see, please contact me at kx3companion@gmail.com
Andrea IU4APC”

6th March 2014


Me jumping into SSB DX pileups.